How We Make a Difference

     Our Children First Foundation Inc. was founded on April 13, 2017 by Christina Markoff, in hopes to minimize child abuse in our society, and to help families remain together through tragic circumstances.  The mission of this organization is to support, assist, inform and educate the victims, their families, and the community. 

        The foundation offers support by advocating for families that are going through legal battles while obtaining justice for their children. This is an essential step for the healing process of those victimized and abused.  In addition, we assist these families by providing valuable resources to help them move forward with their everyday lives. 


       Our Children First has a group of volunteers who dedicate their time informing individuals and their communities about our programs, by holding special events throughout the year.  During these events, we educate our community on the effects of child abuse and how to prevent it, most importantly we motivate them to report any suspicions of child abuse of any kind.


     Currently, Our Children First Foundation Inc., counts on a group of reliable volunteers, who go above and beyond to provide accurate resources and valuable information to enlighten those needing help. We are also extremely grateful for the generosity of local past and present supporters who make our events successful. Most importantly, we thank God for the opportunity he has given us to help these children and their families.

        Our goal is to open an advocacy center in the Port Orange or Daytona Beach area, to deliver our services to needy families, and to provide different types of occupational therapy.  Our center will be a safe environment where children can learn healthy social skills and positive self-esteem. With a strong support system our children can gain a sense of love and acceptance in society.



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