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Christina Markoff

CEO, Chief Advocate & Director 

Christina "Chrissy" Markoff serves as Our Children First’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. The Port Orange mother of two has experienced first-handed a system that is truly broken and created Our Children First Foundation Inc. to protect children’s rights.


Christina's background is in human relations through various programs and agencies across Volusia County.


She is determined to advocate for the children and their rights. Her belief is strength in the community by building partnerships and the ability to unite and obtain for the safety and justice for all children across Florida.


Kelly Frasca

Administrator & Founding Member

Kelly Frasca serves as Our Children First’s Administrator and founding member of Our Children First’s Board of Directors. She provides vast knowledge of community and public relations giving the foundation the ability to connect with notable figures within the community.

Kelly’s background includes positions in Administration for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, she holds roles in Public Affairs within municipal government with the immense array of Public Relations, Marketing, Community Relations and Event Planning.

She is also a mother of two and works as an independent contractor with municipal government agencies as well as private clients. Kelly stands for community awareness and the opportunity for every child to have a voice.

Amy Williams

Executive Director

I am a mother of three kids. I have two boys and one girl. I am also in the medical profession. I also have a certificate in child mental health. I have always had a passion to help people, especially children. When my daughter was 5 years old she was a victim of sexual abuse. Seeing the trauma my child went through for so many years. I knew I had to help other kids who is going through the same thing my daughter went through. I am here to fight for justice, to help kids have their day in court. For their case to be heard and to give them the closure they deserve. 



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Yencris Ortega

Research Director

Anne Terese

Outreach Program

Alvin Mortimer

Child Advocate

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